SRAK is a 50/50 incorporated Joint Venture between Shell & Saudi Aramco and was formed on 17 December 2003. We are an exploration company confronting seemingly insurmountable challenges with boundless energy, technical creativity and a common sense of purpose to deliver a better future for Saudi Arabia.

We are a multicultural company of experienced, ambitious explorers utilising cutting-edge technology in our quest to find hydrocarbons. We are relentless in the pursuit of our objectives, united in our sense of purpose, committed to success and we creatively seek innovative solutions to the challenges we face. These characteristics qualify us to explore the largest and most challenging area assigned to any J.V. in Saudi Arabia.

Two world-leading shareholders support us in our task, giving us access to some of the most advanced technology and intellectual property in the industry. Together, these powerful tools allow us the highest possible chance of success in discovering and producing new sources of hydrocarbons for the greater prosperity of the Kingdom.

We are equally committed to the highest levels of respect and care for all of those working for us – whose talents we harness and develop, those in whose communities we work and for the environment.